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Friday, March 5, 2010

Jessie Glova Airbrush Makeup and Hair Extensions

Jessie Glova Airbrush Makeup and Hair Extensions

Portuguese-Filipino makeup extraordinaire Jessie Glova keeps Cebuano fashion and makeup aficionados hungry for more as he pushes the boundaries of what Cebu Beauty and Makeup has to offer.

Jessie Glova Makeup and Style Studio now offers airbrush make-up to its clientele. Currently, Jessie Glova is the first and only airbrush makeup artist in Cebu to provide the service to regular salon customers, thus making the sought-after service much more accessible.

“I love and highly recommend using airbrush since it is very wearable. It feels exceptionally light, like as if you’re not wearing makeup at all. It also creates a flawless complexion perfect for close-up shots,” says Jessie of airbrush makeup.

Nowadays, a professional makeup artist is a crucial element to have amazing photos during memorable occasions— be it a wedding, debut, corporate soiree, event launching, or simply a serious party night out with girlfriends. With an airbrush makeup application, one does not need to worry about makeup steaking, fading or wearing off.

“The more it stays in your face, the more it’ll become finer. It will look more natural when it oxidizes and blends in with your skin.”

Airbrush makeup is a modern sophisticated form of liquid makeup that is applied with an airbrush. With the help of a trained professional, the tool sprays on in thousands of microdots of color which corrects and colorizes the skin.

Although this form of makeup has been in existence for several decades, it achieved its peak in popularity today to supplement the invention of High-Definition (HDTV) technology. Modern HD video cameras and DSLR photography can capture even the smallest of details that they show the ugly caking, streaks, and other minor flaws that show up in traditional makeup or paints.

It used to be the hidden secret of celebrities in looking absolutely flawless in and out of the red carpet. Airbrush makeup offered actors and actresses this subtle barely-there finish that left their gaping fans wondering how they achieved such glowing complexion.

With the availability of airbrush makeup in Jessie Glova Makeup and Style Studio, what’s there to stop you from looking oh-so-good now?

Jessie Glova is well-known in the Cebu fashion circle as well as the whole Philippines for his outstanding makeup artistry. He has worked with major business corporations, modeling agencies, wedding coordinators, designers, photographers, magazines and TV stations. Right now, he is GMA Visayas’ Starstruck official Stylist and recently just had a successful make-up presentation at the Marco Polo’s Corporate fair.

Aside from his excellent airbrush artistry, Jessie is highly trained in adding hair extensions that are 100% natural human hair. He also offers other customized services such as micro-ring, weaving, nail type and clip ons. For private consultations and bookings, you may contact him at (032)236-1808 or (0917)622-2747. You can also view some of his beautiful human canvases of art at or at his website.



  1. Hi Jessie,

    Would love to know the lipstick shade that you used for the 3rd image. Thanks in advance! XD

    ~Pauline @ Kallony

  2. Your works are amazing. It looks like you are an airbrush makeup artist Philippines professional.



you can get through more of my works through my multiply account or you may visit my sites : for corporate and editorial and for my bridal site and visit the links or you may contact me through my landline 0063-32-2361808 and my mobile 00639176222747 and 00639054222747..

Hi Im Jessie Recola Glova a portuguese-filipino origin based in Cebu Philippines ... and interested to work abroad for more intensive and challenging job... I love challenging job it brings out my creativity and unique approach when it comes to hair styling and make-up.

I have been a hair and make-up artist since as far as I can remember. I love to see colors and play with it. I used to play with my moms face cream and lipstick and use it as blush and eye shadow. I love painting so much. I am a happy child I believe. During my high school days my talents were tapped from singing, dancing, poster making, painting make-up and styling. I used up everything and made me realize that I can be more productive not just as a student but a person as well. Many of my relatives and friends are my so called victims. They are my canvass for my make up skill and they all loved it. Having the confidence I was able to do make up for school programs pageants and graduations and I can still recall my first wedding make-up it was my close friend Minerva Casas who truly trusted me and really paid me for my services and from that I learned that I can be a professional makeup artist.
During my college days it was my face that had been a canvass as I tried to do more make- up to myself and different make -up applications till I got the whole picture of diff. looks. I started with cheap products and some are given by friends... I remember my friend Jayward who loves to do make -up, challenged me to collect more make- up with brands. So I managed to save money and bought what I want....I joined the dramatics ensemble as a make-up artist. I transferred to the Adelante dance Troupe and became the official make-up artist. I became friends with the top make-up artists of Cebu, Philippines that time and they inspired me more to keep on doing it. In the year 1995 i joined the sandiego dance company and started as make -up artist and eventually became a performer. Being a performer, like in theater you tend to project different looks, be able to convey the message of a dance and song that’s where i was trained to see make-up as not just cosmetics but as a form of artistry.
Second semester of 1995 i tried different thing when i joined a fashion design competition which was held at a local mall. I won the Grand prize as young designer of cebu and was given the chance by Mrs. Young, the mall owner, to work in the store for 3 months and thankful being trained by the late Dudes Abella, one of cebu’s top fashion designer .College days was my turning point of what to do with my life... graduated Business Administration
After college I moved to Singapore to do make-up and Styling and perform as well. A year after that my boss told me to manage his bands in Malaysia but what happened was that I became the all around person there were like 3 -4 bands in my hand that ill help to style and train them on how to wear make-up. Our bands normally comprised 3-4 females same as the males and so it was a very tedious job because I have to be responsible with them ... we have traveled the entire south east doing our thing... I was bored so I decided to go to Australia to find a job in make-up but it did not work out. Eventually a friend offered me job in the United Kingdom to do hotel jobs. So I grabbed the opportunity stayed there for 2 years ... made friends with a Filipina from cagayan, Philippines who worked in a salon and introduce me to the right people in the industry. We both went to London fashion week and were stunned with the clothes and make-up. From there I know what I really want do with my life. She convinced me to join a crash course about skin care and make-up and asked me to assist her. I applied for another working visa to get a job of my preference make-up. I was on my sector based scheme visa. And I am only entitled to work in a hotel and not in the salon... so my application was denied and asked me to go back to the Phils. and get a license or apply for another visa which is a student visa ... but I don’t think I can afford it ...When I came back I know exactly what I want to do... Make -up is my thing... I have invested ... and dream to make it big not only in the Philippines but outside the country as well... Its a great self -fulfillment to do what you are good into and retrieve the first thing you love to do.

Had a diploma for Advance Make-up Proficiency Course in Singapore.

I am a proprietor of Jessie Glova Make-Up and Style Studio

I am a make-up consultant of Rustans Cebu,

Worked with major hotels in Cebu and in Manila for corporate pictorials and Shoot *

I am billed as the official make-up artist of Marco polo Weddings and fashion shows,

Worked with major modeling agencies, Make-up artist, designers and photographers and still do. Presently working with Zee lifestyle magazine and print ads.

The latest was the Ayala Ad Campaign
Worked with major TV. stations the latest was the ABS-CBN and RCTV... Bigfoot’s it’s a match and currently shooting the up coming show “Behind the Scenes" and FTV as well...

Worked with Local and national celebrities, fashion icons, politicians, the elites and some foreign beauty titlists

Been mentoring and teaching make-up for those who want to learn the basic.