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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Bridal Beauty Drama Fixes
With expert tips from industry pros, beauty editor Candice Gregor devises the ultimate beauty S.O.S. list for brides-to-be.


With expert tips from industry pros, beauty editor Candice Gregor devises the ultimate beauty S.O.S. list for brides-to-be.

1. I want truly glowing skin

Just a few drops of Kosmea Skin Clinic Organic Rose Hip Oil applied to skin day and night is all you need to smooth your complexion, reduce the signs of ageing and promote healthy, balanced skin, as it's rich in fatty acids and vitamin A. A great trick is to have your make-up artist mix a little of the rose hip oil with your foundation before applying to the face. It's a technique celebrity make-up artists use to give skin an incredibly healthy luminosity. Call 1300 130 320. Mineral make-up is also a fabulous choice for brides who want a flawless finish. It injects skin with vitamins for nourishment and won't clog pores. Look for brands like Inika, Proof, Jane Iredale, Face of Australia and L'Oreal.

2. My make-up is blotchy and flaky

Using a pre-foundation skin primer provides a smooth base for foundation to adhere to. Primers increase foundation's staying power and result in a flawless finish. Apply directly to skin or after moisturiser. Try: Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot or Laura Mercier Foundation Primer.

3. How do I apply like a pro?

Professional make-up brushes make application so much easier. Brushes can be purchased separately or as part of a set, and a bronzing or blusher brush is a particularly great investment. It's important to know that the direction you brush powder onto skin makes a difference in your overall look. Make sure you sweep powder in downwards motions, to avoid highlighting tiny facial hairs. Try Aveda's make-up brushes.

4. My blush makes me look clownish

Blush is intended to give a natural, healthy glow to your face and enhance cheekbones. To contour, apply blush lightly in a circular motion underneath cheekbones and blend well. Apply blush after your foundation and powder but before you do your eyes. This helps the result look more natural, as the amount of blush applied should be balanced with your skin, not eyes. Cream blush will add a dewy sheen to your skin and powder, like M.A.C's Pinch 'O Peach, will add more definition to your cheekbones.

5. I don't want a greasy face

Applying powder over foundation helps to prevent shine and sets your foundation. If you have oily skin, chances are you will require touch-ups with a pressed powder during the day, so it is best to be prepared and carry a compact with you. Apply with a powder brush or puff. Blotting paper is also a good way to keep oily skin at bay. Jane Iredale's facial blotting papers made from 100% flax seed gently absorbs excess oil and leaves a fine powder over the skin. Visit

6. I want long luscious hair

Extensions made from 100% human hair are a great way for brides to ‘grow' their hair and add a touch of high glam, in an instant. Award-winning Sydney hairdresser Pierre Haddad practises the copper bell technique of hair extensions, where a length of hair is attached to your own hair and fastened in place with a small bell made from copper. The results are virtually seamless! Pierre recommends extensions are fitted at least 10 days before your wedding. Call (02) 9233 1999.

7. I don't like wearing loads of foundation

It is certainly advisable to wear foundation, as it provides flawless results for wedding photographs. If you prefer a lighter foundation, try a liquid with a light dusting of powder, or a wet-to-dry foundation. Try: M.A.C Mineralize SatinFinish or Napoleon Perdis China Doll Foundation.

8. My lipstick is dry, flaky and ‘bleeds'

Make sure lips are well exfoliated before applying any lipstick or gloss. Try Sara Happ's The Lip Scrub in Brown Sugar. Follow with a moist, creamy lipstick, like Rimmel's Moisture Rich, or opt for lipgloss if you dislike the feel of lipstick. A lip primer applied under lipstick may also help to combat flakiness. Try: L'Oreal Shine Delice, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss or M.A.C LipGlass. A good quality lip pencil applied under lip colour can make lipstick last longer and combat colour bleeding. Outline the lip line and then fill in the entire lip with pencil before applying lip colour. To make lip pencil last longer, apply foundation to lips first. Try Estee Lauder Lip Pencil, M.A.C Lip Pencil.

9. My skin has broken out

Treat skin seriously with products from the fabulous Rationale range, like Skin Refining Serum. With Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids, the serum works to unclog pores and reduce breakouts. To find out more and start a treatment plan, visit If all else fails, concealer is a God-send in covering up under eye circles, blemishes and evening out skin tone. Applying concealer over your foundation (as opposed to under it) saves you work and product, as the foundation will do most of the concealing for you. Apply with a brush or cotton tip and blend well.

10. I want my foundation to go the distance

A good-quality foundation is crucial to perfect wedding day make-up. It needs to be long-lasting, provide good coverage and match your skin tone perfectly. Stick foundations provide the most coverage and have long-wearing power. Apply with a cellulose wedge-shaped sponge. Try Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick or M.A.C Studio Stick. A make-up setting spray like Model Co's Beauty Fix Airbrush Face will also ensure make-up stays put.

11. I want neat, manicured nails

Apart from your smile, wedding guests will be doting over your amazing rock, with all eyes consequently on your hands – so make sure they're ready for the attention! For a classic polished look, opt for a French manicure. If you must wear a coloured polish, go for neutral shades or those with a touch of sparkle. A good moisturiser will keep hands looking youthful and skin supple. Try Bloom's Green Tea and Bergamot scented hand cream – shea butter is its magic skin-moisturising ingredient!

12. I want to really play up my eyes

False lashes work a treat to add oomph to eyes. Use individual ones (three or four lashes make a cluster), as opposed to a full set. Attach clusters to the outer corners of eyes for maximum impact. Hold lashes with tweezers, apply a small glob of glue and press against your natural lashes, holding for 30 seconds until dry. Try: MAC lashes and Ardell Lash Grip glue. If you don't want to fake it, invest in some Jan Marini Age Intervention lash treatment which is designed to stimulate eye lash growth! Apply to the top lash line once a day and watch your lashes blossom... in front of your very eyes. See Or make eyes pop by wearing a vividly coloured eye shadow like i.d. bareMinerals Azure Glimmer.

13. I want to look picture perfect in my photos

After your trial with your make-up artist, take a photograph of your face. It's recommended you use a flash, too, as some foundations react with the camera flash (beware of products with sunscreen as they often carry light-reflective particles that lead to that ghostly photo face).

14. I have under-eye circles

Of course it's important to be well-rested in the lead up to the wedding, but we all know that this is easier said than done. Products like Gatineau's Skin Lightening Concentrate work to gently bleach the delicate eye skin and, used morning and night for prolonged periods of time, will see bags and dark circles dramatically reduced. A topical vitamin C serum like emerginC is another way to feed the area with nutrients and restore a healthy glow.

15. Eeek, panda eyes!

Waterproof mascara is essential to stand up to wedding day tears and prevent dreaded panda eyes! Apply one coat, let dry, then apply a second coat. Try Max Factor 2000 Calorie Aqualash or M.A.C Splashproof Lash.

16. I want smooth skin

Exfoliating everyday in the shower will help remove dead skin cells and little bumps on upper arm skin known as Milia. Try Make Up Store's Arctic Body Buff. Always moisturise after you shower to keep skin hydrated and buoyant.

17. I'm over my cellulite

The active ingredient in Chanel's Body Excellence Firming and Shaping Gel, Purple Bengle, stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and glycans, to help you on your way to dimple-free skin.

18. Help! I'm stressed out...

Don't take a Valium. Manage your stress by immersing your muscles in The Body Shop's Spa Wisdom Plunge and Purify Bath Soak. Epsom Salts will detox and relax, while babassu oil will moisturise and soothe.

19. I want a golden tan

Magic Tan is a quick and private way to achieve an all-over sunless tan. The spray tan booth preps, tans and moisturises you within minutes. To book, see A dusting of bronzer, like The Body Shop's Brush on Bronze balls, on cheeks and decolletage, will enhance your colour.


Whimsical Waves
Gently tousled waves will work for beach brides marrying on the sand.
Make wedding hair a cinch with this romantic styling idea.

Hair and Make-up : Jessie Glova

1. To create this summery style at home, setting hair in large rollers or pin curls.

2. "Wait for the rollers to cool, then take them out and gently start to loosen the curls with your fingertips," she adds.

3. To crank up the volume, backcomb locks at the crown. "Then twist both sides of hair at the crown, fastening with pins at the back of the head.

4. For a soft and feminine finish, secure a small flower clip on one side of the 'do.

5. Minimum effort is required to keep this style looking good throughout the day. In fact, a light beach breeze will actually help maximise the wind-swept effect.

6. A simple, elegant and unfussy gown will perfectly complement this look.


I've never worn or applied false lashes before, where do I start?

Go for shorter lashes that fit snugly along the length of the natural lash line. This will make application easier. Don't be afraid to cut them with scissors to custom fit them to your eye. If you don't feel confident applying full lashes, go for individual ones, like flares by Eyelure to give a winged effect at the corner of the eye. Most brands of falsies come with adhesive in the pack, but if they don't, glue can be bought separately

Start by dabbing a small amount of glue along the false lash line and wait about 30 seconds until glue is tacky to touch. Using tweezers, apply lashes half a centimetre in from the outer corner of your eye so when you look straight ahead, your lashes continue in the diagonal line from the corner of the nose to the corner of the eye. Press into place and after lashes feel secure apply a coat of mascara to blend the false ones with your own. If you normally curl your lashes, do so before applying falsies, otherwise you'll pull them off. It's fiddly, so practise!

Lash extensions are another way to boost the flirt factor. Salon professionals attach individual silk lashes to each of your own lashes with a specially formulated glue. These extensions last between six to eight weeks and cost around $150. See

For an even more long-term effect, start using growth stimulating formulas like MD Lash Factor three months before the wedding for fuller longer looking lashes.

Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory - Chic Chignon
Backless gowns will best suit this 'do.
Make wedding hair a cinch with this romantic styling idea.

1. For this chic and sophisticated style, start by blow drying your hair smooth.

2. Once totally dry, pull hair back into a ponytail on the crown of the head.

3. Wind the ponytail around itself to make a donut shape, secure with pins.

4. Wrap crystal ribbon firmly around the chignon. Ideal for a cocktail wedding.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Graduation Make-up Tips

Graduation Makeup Ideas
How to do your makeup for graduation


By day, you'll you be surrounded by family (beware the cheek-pinching aunties who can't believe you're all grown up) and friends you adore. By night, you'll need a look that transitions to full on party mode. And you've got to be camera-ready on a moment's notice, since photo ops abound. Everyone will be clamoring to make memories with their FlipCams and pocket cameras. Just a little heads up, and a few hairstyle and makeup ideas for graduation day. Try on graduation makeup and hairstyles in our virtual styling studio.
"Graduation day is an exciting event, whether you realize it yet or not. Your makeup should match your mood: totally ready to party."

Unlike other milestones like prom or homecoming, graduation day is not (we repeat not) a time to experiment with complicated updos, or even basic ponytails. When you throw your tassle to one side and toss your graduation cap in the air, you want to be sure you don't worry about what is going on with your mane. Opt for a loose hairstyle, worn down. If your hair is straight, achieve soft curl with a wide barrel curling iron and keep both sides pushed to the front of your shoulders for photo ops. If it's curly, embrace it or straighten it with a flat iron and make it gleam with a shine enhancing serum.

Be sure to tote your makeup bag with you (sitting in hot weather for prolonged periods is sure to make you melt) and play up your features with colors you know to be flattering for your skin tone. More adventuress gals can experiment with looks that accent their graduation gown. Plum or mauve eyeshadows are great paired with a purple gown; blues and greens look stellar with gold. Think of a black graduation gown the way you would think of a little black dress. Red lips, red nails and lush noir lashes look fierce. Valedictorians, eat your hearts out!

If you really want to stand out from the crowd (if not for your own pleasure, then so your parents know where you're seated in the crowd at all times), play up your graduation gown not only with makeup but accessories. Some girls opt to wear colorful Mardi Gras beads or wildly colorful shoes to play up their vibrant personal style.

Choose the Best Feature
1. A common mistake made when preparing for the prom or graduation is to overdo makeup. Big smokey eyes with dark lips can take away from your natural beauty. Choose what you think is your best feature and play that up. Downplay the rest of your face with more natural or subtle tones and give all the attention to your favorite part. It will make you look fresh and lovely and keep you from looking overly made up.
2. Color choices are key to keeping beauty looking natural and flawless. Foundation should be as close a match as possible to your natural skin tone. To find a good color of blush, try matching up your foundation to blush colors. Some blushes will stand out as inappropriate for your face, such as a bright pink with an olive complexion. The blush should compliment your skin tone, not contrast with it. Think of it like the tone of your skin when you become flushed, but more subtle. Choosing eye makeup color is easy as long as you know what tones work best with your skin and eye color. Those with green eyes tend to look best with dusty purples and taupe, blue eyes with browns, and brown eyes with blues or plum colors. These rules always apply for a natural look. To change over to evening, just choose slightly darker shades than you would wear for daytime. You should have three shades of complimentary shadows. Choose eyeliners a shade or two darker than your darkest eyeshadow. If the eyes are carrying strong colors for the night, go for a light lip gloss that complements the blush choice. If the lips will be the choice feature for the evening, go bold with a dark red or pink. Remember, don't go bold on more than one feature.
3. Always begin with covering any blemishes with a quality concealer. Put an even coat of foundation over your skin. Some prefer creams, but mineral foundation applied with a brush has gained in popularity since it provides a nice even coat of coverage. Add blush to the apples of the cheeks and just the smallest touch to any places that the sun would hit, such as nose, forehead and chin. When applying eye makeup, begin with the lightest color. Work above the eye crease and place coverage over the area between the crease and the eyebrow. Work the darkest color just into the crease area. Brush a medium shade complementary color over the lid itself. Eyeliner can be applied on just the top lid or both for a dramatic effect. Evening makeup looks usually have a darker, thicker line than daytime. Mascara tops off the look of the eyes. For evening, black or dark brown mascara are great choices. Lips are the finishing touch.
Other Tips
4. Don't have eyebrows waxed or plucked on the day of the event. Grooming can sometimes leave redness or dots on the upper eye, which are very difficult to conceal. Try to groom them about 2 days before the event. Be sure to bring any essentials with you to the prom or party. Carry a small purse and keep your lip color, foundation and mascara in it just in case of a makeup emergency. You never know when you might get teary remembering all of your great high school times, and having backup makeup for when your mascara runs is always a good idea.

Graduation Makeup
Graduation Soft Natural Makeup
Graduation Makeup Tips
Graduation Makeup Ideas
Graduation Dramatic Makeup
How can you do your grad makeup
by yourself?
5 steps to do your graduation
makeup in by yourself:
Here is a very easy way to do your
make-up for your grad. All you
need is a foundation (long wear
formula), a soft bronzer powder,
an eyeshadow, mascara, blush and
a lip gloss or a lipstick.

STEP 1: It is essential for you to
prepare your skin for the makeup.
Clean, exfoliate and moisturize
your skin.
If you have acne, make sure you
are using some water based
moisturizer to hydrate your skin
very well. So your skin will look

STEP 2: Apply your foundation.
It's better if you use a foundation
brush because you will get a better
Follow with a touch of bronze.

STEP 3: Use the eyeshadow all
over your eyelid, like in the picture.
Then apply your mascara.
For this look you need a use a
more dramatic mascara.

STEP 4: Apply your blush as you
smile in circular motion all the way
Just as you can see in the picture.

STEP 5: For someone with green
or blue eyes I would recommend a
lip gloss or a lipstick that has a red
This way you'll help the green or
blue to show up more.
Graduation Makeup example # 2 is all about a
very soft, natural grad make-up look for
someone that doesn't wanna wear lot's of

You have to follow the same 5 steps I was
talking about at grad makeup example #1.

You just need a very soft pink eyeshadow, a
soft pink blush and a soft pink lip gloss. I
recommend this kind of graduation make up
look for everyone.
With the grad makeup example #5 we go back
to a very dramatic grad makeup look. I would
recommend it for all eye colours.

This time there's more accent on the eyes. You
have to use a deep eyeshadow colour and a very
dramatic mascara.

Use a touch of bronze all over your face and a
very soft blush. For the lips, go for a warm
colour if you have blue or green eyes.

If you have brown or black eyes, go for a softer
(nude) lip colour.

Search for more Graduation Makeup here:
Grad make-up #3 is a good example for
someone that has dark eyes. The accent here is
on the lips.

We have a soft green eyeshadow. Very easy and
quick to apply. I would recommend a soft
mascara in this case.

The eyes makeup is soft. Use a little bit more
blush this time. And a touch of bronze. For the
lips use a lipstick in a deep brown

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jessie Glova Make-up and Style Studio

Jessie Glova Make-up and Style Studio offersthe ff:

Hair and Make-up for all Ocassions



Fashion Shows






Ball and etc

Specializes Airbrush Make-up and Hair extensions

and we also sell


and we alsso offer



09176222747 AND 032 2361808

and its located at Door 2F Pacific Square Condominium F Cabahug Mabolo Cebu City

Friday, March 5, 2010

Jessie Glova Airbrush Makeup and Hair Extensions

Jessie Glova Airbrush Makeup and Hair Extensions

Portuguese-Filipino makeup extraordinaire Jessie Glova keeps Cebuano fashion and makeup aficionados hungry for more as he pushes the boundaries of what Cebu Beauty and Makeup has to offer.

Jessie Glova Makeup and Style Studio now offers airbrush make-up to its clientele. Currently, Jessie Glova is the first and only airbrush makeup artist in Cebu to provide the service to regular salon customers, thus making the sought-after service much more accessible.

“I love and highly recommend using airbrush since it is very wearable. It feels exceptionally light, like as if you’re not wearing makeup at all. It also creates a flawless complexion perfect for close-up shots,” says Jessie of airbrush makeup.

Nowadays, a professional makeup artist is a crucial element to have amazing photos during memorable occasions— be it a wedding, debut, corporate soiree, event launching, or simply a serious party night out with girlfriends. With an airbrush makeup application, one does not need to worry about makeup steaking, fading or wearing off.

“The more it stays in your face, the more it’ll become finer. It will look more natural when it oxidizes and blends in with your skin.”

Airbrush makeup is a modern sophisticated form of liquid makeup that is applied with an airbrush. With the help of a trained professional, the tool sprays on in thousands of microdots of color which corrects and colorizes the skin.

Although this form of makeup has been in existence for several decades, it achieved its peak in popularity today to supplement the invention of High-Definition (HDTV) technology. Modern HD video cameras and DSLR photography can capture even the smallest of details that they show the ugly caking, streaks, and other minor flaws that show up in traditional makeup or paints.

It used to be the hidden secret of celebrities in looking absolutely flawless in and out of the red carpet. Airbrush makeup offered actors and actresses this subtle barely-there finish that left their gaping fans wondering how they achieved such glowing complexion.

With the availability of airbrush makeup in Jessie Glova Makeup and Style Studio, what’s there to stop you from looking oh-so-good now?

Jessie Glova is well-known in the Cebu fashion circle as well as the whole Philippines for his outstanding makeup artistry. He has worked with major business corporations, modeling agencies, wedding coordinators, designers, photographers, magazines and TV stations. Right now, he is GMA Visayas’ Starstruck official Stylist and recently just had a successful make-up presentation at the Marco Polo’s Corporate fair.

Aside from his excellent airbrush artistry, Jessie is highly trained in adding hair extensions that are 100% natural human hair. He also offers other customized services such as micro-ring, weaving, nail type and clip ons. For private consultations and bookings, you may contact him at (032)236-1808 or (0917)622-2747. You can also view some of his beautiful human canvases of art at or at his website.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

A touch of Jessie Glova

A touch of Magical make-up by Jessie Glova
Juville Sevillena | Jul. 17, 2008

courtesy of WEdding ABC's

Jessie Glova has been a make-up artist as far as he could remember. In fact, he told ‘how he loves to see colors and play with it’ at a very young age. Jessie adds that ‘he loves painting so much that he feels a happy child every time he puts color to somebody’s face.

At the age of 12 Jessie Glova made strive for taking a big leap to the fashionable world of the make up industry. It was his faith and passion that pushed him to excel in the business. His determination made him an outstanding make up artist today.

He’s first wedding make-up client was a close friend who gave him boost that he can be a professional makeup artist. Jessie reveals how ‘he remembers to try different make up applications on his face until he got the whole picture of different looks’ just to capture a masterpiece make up. From that on, Jessie knew his destiny is to become a professional make up artist.

Jessie considers make-up as one of the most important elements in the wedding. He believes that a beautiful picture starts with excellent make-up’ and ‘ugly picture is a result of a horrible make up. Jessie is ideal in putting classic wedding make-up and considers simplicity as the best portrait of a bride.

Bride’s can assure that he is eager to listen when it comes to suggestions and be able to work on things and evaluate the bride to her specifications in terms of cosmetics. Jessie establishes good relationship with the bride first in order to make her comfortable during make up. Asking those tiny details about the wedding helps him establish a good relationship.

He creates stunning brilliance plainly on the client’s approval and personal specifications. And from there he works with his own magical touch ala fairy godmother to make them the prettiest.

When ask why brides should pick Jessie Glova as their hair and make-up stylist? His answer was simple, ‘I am professional. I work on time, and my team is equipped with knowledge and skills to face the demands of an unpredictable client. It boils down to how much comfortable your bride is with you and be able to help out and extend service more than expected’.

Now, the 12-year old kid who dreamed of becoming a professional make up stylist is a proprietor of his very own studio “The Jessie Glova Make up and Style Studio”.
He is also the make-up consultant of Rustans’ Cebu and has worked with major hotels in Cebu and Manila for corporate pictorials and photo shoot. He was also named as the official make-up artist of Marco polo Weddings, last April 26 and 27.

He is presently working with Zee lifestyle magazine and print ads (the latest was the Ayala Ad Campaign) and has worked with major TV stations like ABS-CBN and RCTV. He is also working on Big Foot’s up coming show “Behind the Scenes” and FTV.

Make -up Artist Jessie Glova doing Alexander Macqueen

Our Make-up inspiration :
• Peter Philips on the makeup he did for Alexander McQueen: “We were inspired by clowns, divas and Pierrot, with a bit of Joan Crawford thrown in." Meanwhile, the Hair is nspired by Horn and cans

With this london -style underground fashion show Organized by Club Vudu and the Premier Designers of Cebu in honor of the great Alexander Macqueen its and im honored to pay tribute to the Genius Designer of this new generation ..long live the Queen .Hail Macqueen






Wednesday, March 3, 2010

beauty tips

EACH of us needs to feel beautiful.

But we can only really truly and permanently feel beautiful when we tune into the inner beauty we all share.

This is the beauty of our loving heart.

And we have this beautiful feeling when we express love.

When we are not expressing love we are cutting ourselves off from our loving essence.

So in those moments when we do not feel beautiful it might be time to go into our heart and see how we can be loving.

And it starts with ourselves.

So we do not need another person to express the love contained within our own heart.

The first and primary relationship we have is the one with ourselves... and we can make a start by giving ourselves a loving hug, some kind words or some acknowledgment of just how wonderful we are.

And when we having that loving feeling in relation to ourselves we will find ourselves being drawn to all manner of people... and they drawn to us... so that we can be expressive of our love.

It is when our inner beauty is radiating outwards in our experience, in our relationships and in our encounters, that we feel truly and wondrously beautiful.

Unconnected, isolated, apart from others, feeling alone and aloof, we will harbour those false feelings of not being beautiful.

But once we affirm our own loving nature... our own God nature... our own inner beauty and decide to express it into the world in terms of a loving relationship with both ourselves and others then we can feel in our heart that we are truly beautiful.

Because we are.

God is not capable of creating anything that is not beautiful in its essence even if its physical expression falls short of what we like to call beautiful.

There are so many people who are physically very attractive and might be considered by others as very beautiful who feel anything but beautiful.

So unbeautiful these cover women and men feel that they are frantically saving for the next bit of cosmetic surgery or dreading the advent of their next year older.

So unbeautiful do the icons feel that they escape their day to day life with the insanity of drugs or other addictions.

But they would not need the cosmetic surgery or the drugs if they could just get in touch with their inner beauty... their loving heart... their soul.

And as their life took on meaning through this meaningful inner connection, feeling their inner beauty and expressing it into the world as outer beauty they would never again go under the surgeon's knife or snort the next line of cocaine.

Those who are aware of their inner beauty and express it into the world are the truly beautiful people in the world and people fall in love with them inspite of their appearance however that might be perceived.

We should all wish people to fall in love with our loving heart, our inner beauty and not by our outward appearance or any part of us that we might believe needs to be enlarged or changed.

And it is only when we allow this part of us to be the focus of the love of others that our life becomes meaningful and we feel truly loved.

If we get people to love us for our body we feel that when our body changes they will no longer love us.

But our inner beauty is never lost.. it only grows and grows into even more of the same....inner beauty never gets less.

It just gets more.... and more....

It gets more because of our awareness of it increases.

This is the part of us we need so much to get in touch with, connect with and worship.... and EXPRESS.

So want to feel beautiful today?

Then express who you truly are.. express love!!!

are you beautiful???

SO many people are on a quest to make themselves more beautiful.

It is an obsession.

Money in the millions is spent on all manner of beauty treatments and revamps.

And the message being put out by so many is: I am not good enough.

Energy is spent fretting on how to look better... how to be more attractive... how to get that bit closer to being a cover girl or boy.

But those whose mission it is to beautify either themselves or others should heed the words of the prophet Kahlil Gibran

He said: Beauty is not in the face, beauty is in the light of the heart.

Yes, the most beautiful people in the world are those who have light shining from their heart.

What makes the most attractive person in the room?

It is the person who radiates warmth, great personality and lights up the gathering.

People are universally very attractive when they smile.

People are universally very appealing when they open their hearts.

People are universally very beautiful when they display and express the love contained in their hearts.

We are always attracted to very loving people.

Whatever they look like.

And when we are not attracted to those who do not radiate love, those who are wrapped up in their own little world and those who look away from our loving gaze.

Each of us has the ability to live an attractive, glamorous and most beautiful life.

And we do not achieve this through hours of preening ourselves in the mirror or doubting how good we look while we seek the latest beauty treatments or enhancements.

Yes, we do achieve it when we look in the mirror

But only when we gaze into our own naturally beautiful eyes and say those magic three words: I love you.

As we do unto ourselves, we then project onto others.

And what we feel about ourselves, of course, is then mirrored back to us in the reactions and reciprocated energy of others.

When we were created we were did not have a written instruction book on how to apply make up.

It was not the creator's intention to make us in such a form that we would require a face lift or some other enhancement.

We were made in perfection... and it was for us to see our own perfection in our form.

Holding our own perfection as a state of being was the permanent solution.. our permanent relationship with ourselves... because all beauty treatments are short lived and temporary.

None of us requires the surgeon's knife to make us more attractive and appealing.

We just need to turn our own light switch up.

And as we do this that many more people will be attracted to ourselves like moths around a flame.

The most attractive and loved people on this planet are those who have turned their light switch to the maximum.

The least attractive are those who keep their light low, dim the light that shines on themselves... hide in the shadows of others.

There never was someone who lived and never will be someone who lives in the future who will look, talk and act like you.

You are unique.

Uniquely beautiful. What else could you be?


you can get through more of my works through my multiply account or you may visit my sites : for corporate and editorial and for my bridal site and visit the links or you may contact me through my landline 0063-32-2361808 and my mobile 00639176222747 and 00639054222747..

Hi Im Jessie Recola Glova a portuguese-filipino origin based in Cebu Philippines ... and interested to work abroad for more intensive and challenging job... I love challenging job it brings out my creativity and unique approach when it comes to hair styling and make-up.

I have been a hair and make-up artist since as far as I can remember. I love to see colors and play with it. I used to play with my moms face cream and lipstick and use it as blush and eye shadow. I love painting so much. I am a happy child I believe. During my high school days my talents were tapped from singing, dancing, poster making, painting make-up and styling. I used up everything and made me realize that I can be more productive not just as a student but a person as well. Many of my relatives and friends are my so called victims. They are my canvass for my make up skill and they all loved it. Having the confidence I was able to do make up for school programs pageants and graduations and I can still recall my first wedding make-up it was my close friend Minerva Casas who truly trusted me and really paid me for my services and from that I learned that I can be a professional makeup artist.
During my college days it was my face that had been a canvass as I tried to do more make- up to myself and different make -up applications till I got the whole picture of diff. looks. I started with cheap products and some are given by friends... I remember my friend Jayward who loves to do make -up, challenged me to collect more make- up with brands. So I managed to save money and bought what I want....I joined the dramatics ensemble as a make-up artist. I transferred to the Adelante dance Troupe and became the official make-up artist. I became friends with the top make-up artists of Cebu, Philippines that time and they inspired me more to keep on doing it. In the year 1995 i joined the sandiego dance company and started as make -up artist and eventually became a performer. Being a performer, like in theater you tend to project different looks, be able to convey the message of a dance and song that’s where i was trained to see make-up as not just cosmetics but as a form of artistry.
Second semester of 1995 i tried different thing when i joined a fashion design competition which was held at a local mall. I won the Grand prize as young designer of cebu and was given the chance by Mrs. Young, the mall owner, to work in the store for 3 months and thankful being trained by the late Dudes Abella, one of cebu’s top fashion designer .College days was my turning point of what to do with my life... graduated Business Administration
After college I moved to Singapore to do make-up and Styling and perform as well. A year after that my boss told me to manage his bands in Malaysia but what happened was that I became the all around person there were like 3 -4 bands in my hand that ill help to style and train them on how to wear make-up. Our bands normally comprised 3-4 females same as the males and so it was a very tedious job because I have to be responsible with them ... we have traveled the entire south east doing our thing... I was bored so I decided to go to Australia to find a job in make-up but it did not work out. Eventually a friend offered me job in the United Kingdom to do hotel jobs. So I grabbed the opportunity stayed there for 2 years ... made friends with a Filipina from cagayan, Philippines who worked in a salon and introduce me to the right people in the industry. We both went to London fashion week and were stunned with the clothes and make-up. From there I know what I really want do with my life. She convinced me to join a crash course about skin care and make-up and asked me to assist her. I applied for another working visa to get a job of my preference make-up. I was on my sector based scheme visa. And I am only entitled to work in a hotel and not in the salon... so my application was denied and asked me to go back to the Phils. and get a license or apply for another visa which is a student visa ... but I don’t think I can afford it ...When I came back I know exactly what I want to do... Make -up is my thing... I have invested ... and dream to make it big not only in the Philippines but outside the country as well... Its a great self -fulfillment to do what you are good into and retrieve the first thing you love to do.

Had a diploma for Advance Make-up Proficiency Course in Singapore.

I am a proprietor of Jessie Glova Make-Up and Style Studio

I am a make-up consultant of Rustans Cebu,

Worked with major hotels in Cebu and in Manila for corporate pictorials and Shoot *

I am billed as the official make-up artist of Marco polo Weddings and fashion shows,

Worked with major modeling agencies, Make-up artist, designers and photographers and still do. Presently working with Zee lifestyle magazine and print ads.

The latest was the Ayala Ad Campaign
Worked with major TV. stations the latest was the ABS-CBN and RCTV... Bigfoot’s it’s a match and currently shooting the up coming show “Behind the Scenes" and FTV as well...

Worked with Local and national celebrities, fashion icons, politicians, the elites and some foreign beauty titlists

Been mentoring and teaching make-up for those who want to learn the basic.